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Glenview Doors® Collections

Aluminum Clad Wood Entry Doors – Glenview Doors® Custom Modern EuroTechTM Doors

Modern Entry Doors for Modern California Homes

Blending the beauty of natural wood with the sleek, modern composition of aluminum metal, the unique Aluminum Clad Door collection by Glenview Doors is ideal for customers in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Sacramento, San Jose, and other cities in California. These stunning modern front doors require little to no maintenance and offer superior protection from the elements. The Aluminum Clad Door collection is constructed with top quality wood veneers visible from the interior of the home and an aluminum shield visible from the exterior of the home, an eye-catching combination of wood and metal resulting in an impressive modern entrance.

Aluminum Clad Doors Done Better

Like the other Glenview Doors entry door collections, the Aluminum Clad Door collection is constructed with Euro Technology. The unique Euro Technology construction method allows for entry doors to achieve far better weather resistance, thermal efficiency, and durability. The aluminum shield exterior provides further protection against harsh weather conditions. We strategically place the aluminum shield on the wood veneer to allow for crucial vapor diffusion, ensuring the longevity of your modern entry door. The aluminum shield exterior has a diverse selection of color options and the wood veneer can be finished with a variety of fine wood finishes. Rest assured that, no matter your project's needs, you will find your dream door in the Aluminum Clad Door collection by Glenview Doors.

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